Meet the New Characters in Talking Trash: The Movie

It’s an exciting new season for Talking Trash! With the first season of “Talking Trash: The Show” in the can, it’s time to introduce some new characters to help educate Tennesseans about how litter affects our state. Our new cast is sure to entertain while simultaneously annoying Red Plastic Cup and convincing everyone to join our movement to end litter.

Red Cup and Grumpy Food Container Return

We all know Red Plastic Cup is the star of the show, even if Grumpy Food Container won’t admit it. Last season, RPC interviewed notable celebrities from all around Tennessee. The movie takes everything up another notch, with RPC and Grumpy taking on the role of producing a full-scale litter prevention movie.

New Characters are Also Talking Trash

All these new characters are more than just trash – each one has a special job.

There’s Tony, an old tire and the location scout for Talking Trash. But there’s a problem…being a discarded tire means Tony only knows one location. It could get interesting.

Making a frantic appearance as the show’s editor is Rocco. The raccoon tries hard to assist Red Plastic Cup with some hit show ideas but is having a hard time avoiding roadside food waste. Most of the ideas presented are complete garbage.

Then there’s Ciggy, who has an enormous attitude and happens to be the show’s worst critic. The cigarette butt doesn’t like anything, especially the show. The cast thinks Ciggy’s grumpier than Grumpy Food Container, but we’ll let you decide.

Icky is the show’s music director. Drawing from the pain of being abandoned litter, the wrapper claims to be a certified musical genius. According to Icky, “I’m not a ‘rapper,’ I’m a music icon.”

While BP’s official role is the sanitation specialist, the banana peel is an activist for the proper recognition of food waste as litter. Fed up with constantly being ignored or considered “biodegradable,” BP is out to change the world.

Saul is a smallmouth bass and the show’s enthusiastic water quality expert. While constantly talking about never being caught and how litter really trashes up Tennessee’s rivers and streams, no one really notices because no one can understand anything that comes out of the poor fish’s mouth.

And by popular demand, Trashsquatch has been brought on to serve as security. RPC hired Tennessee’s favorite mascot to keep the paparazzi away, but no one is really sure why. There’s a lot of downtime, to say the least.

If you haven’t already binge-watched the first season of “Talking Trash: The Show,” immediately get yourself over to our YouTube page and get ready to be amazed. And hit that SUBSCRIBE button to make sure you don’t miss the new season.

Learn what you can do to help with our litter problem. It takes a lot of characters to create a movement to end littering in Tennessee, and we’re not just talking trash!

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