Take Action This August for Tennessee’s Water Quality Month

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In Tennessee, the beauty of its waterways, from the majestic rivers to the serene lakes, is a source of pride for its residents. However, the increasing problem of litter in these bodies of water poses a significant threat to their health and well-being. As we celebrate National Water Quality Month in August, it is essential to address the litter issue in Tennessee’s waters and take action to preserve their cleanliness and vitality.

The Impact of Litter on Tennessee’s Waters

Litter in waterways can have severe environmental implications. Plastics, bottles, and other debris break down into microplastics, which are ingested by marine life and, ultimately, make their way up the food chain. This not only endangers marine life but also affects wildlife that depends on these water sources for survival. Additionally, litter disrupts natural habitats, alters water quality and contributes to the growth of harmful algal blooms, choking out native species.

The presence of litter in Tennessee’s waters also negatively impacts tourism and local businesses that rely on clean and attractive waterways to attract visitors. Tourists are less likely to visit places marred by litter, leading to lost revenue for the state and local communities. Cleaning up litter and restoring the health of waterways also requires financial resources that could be better utilized for other essential projects.

Identifying the Sources of Litter

When drivers and passengers casually toss out items from their vehicles, they often end up being carried by rainwater runoff into storm drains, which ultimately lead to rivers, streams, and other bodies of water. Common examples of improper waste disposal include littering on streets, leaving trash in public spaces, and dumping waste in unauthorized areas. Even seemingly harmless items like cigarette butts, food wrappers, beverage containers, plastic bags and small bits of plastic can accumulate and cause significant harm to aquatic ecosystems.

These items are lightweight and easily transported by wind and water, making them particularly prone to ending up in rivers, streams and lakes. Aquatic life can get tangled in it or ingest it. These items can also break down into smaller pieces, creating microplastics that pose a threat to aquatic life and water quality.

Join the Movement

Individuals can play a significant role in reducing litter by minimizing their use of single-use plastics. A stylish stainless-steel water bottle not only keeps you hydrated in style but also helps cut down on plastic waste. And those eco-friendly bags? They’re perfect for grocery runs and shopping sprees, all while reducing our impact on the environment. It’s a win-win for both you and our beautiful waters!

Ensuring proper waste disposal by using designated trash bins and recycling facilities prevents litter from being carried into waterways through storm drains. And when you can, recycle. It’s a fantastic way to breathe new life into materials and reduce the demand for fresh resources. When we take the extra step to sort our waste and recycling, we’re doing our part to keep Tennessee clean.

When you volunteer your time and effort, individuals can actively contribute to the restoration and preservation of Tennessee’s waters. Community clean-up events are not just about picking up trash; they’re about creating a positive impact and fostering a sense of togetherness. By participating in these events, we’re not only beautifying our surroundings but also sending a powerful message – we care deeply about our state, it’s waters and the legacy we leave behind for future generations.

Continuing the Movement

Sometimes, the most powerful way to spread a message is through personal connections. Talk to your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors about the significance of clean waters and the simple steps they can take to prevent littering. Share stories and facts that highlight the positive changes that can be achieved through collective action. By fostering a culture of environmental consciousness, we cultivate a generation that cherishes and protects our waters.

Social media and online platforms can be powerful tools to spread the message of water quality and litter prevention too! Share Nobody Trashes Tennessee and similar accounts messaging and encourage your friends, family, and followers to share posts within their networks, creating a ripple effect of awareness. Together, we can turn the tide for Tennessee’s waters and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come!

As we celebrate National Water Quality Month this August, let us recognize the importance of taking action to keep Tennessee’s waters clean and free from litter. By reducing single-use plastics, practicing proper waste disposal, recycling, participating in clean-up events and promoting education and awareness, we can make a real difference. Even the tiniest actions count, and when we join forces, we create a wave of positive change.

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