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We can’t fix the litter problem overnight, but we should all do our part to help stop littering.

Litter on Tennessee roadways is a serious problem, and it needs serious solutions. It damages the environment, gets into our waterways, endangers our wildlife, is a detractor for our beautiful state, and costs TDOT $19 million a year to clean up. Will you do your part to help end littering in Tennessee? These three simple steps will go a long way!

  • Stop littering: Learn what constitutes trash and take steps to avoid intentional or unintentional littering
  • If you see litter, pick it up: There are over 100 million pieces of litter on Tennessee roadways at any given time. If you see some, pick it up – every little bit helps
  • Spread the message: Tell everyone you know. Sign up for the newsletter. Follow us on social media.


Want to get even more involved? Check out some ideas below.


The Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway groups help keep Tennessee beautiful. Since the program’s inception in 1989, our volunteers have collected more than 12 million pounds of litter from Tennessee’s roadsides. These valuable contributions are helping produce cleaner roadsides, reduce maintenance costs and boost litter prevention awareness in the Volunteer State.


Did you know that Tennessee has a litter hotline? If you see someone litter from their car, say something. Call the StopLitter™ hotline (1-877-8LITTER) (1-877-854-8837) and we’ll send that litterbug a care package.


Are you looking for a way to help? Find a public cleanup event near you using our cleanup event calendar and contact your local affiliate to find out how to join.


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