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Making the Movie

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of Talking Trash: The Movie. Watch the full movie now streaming on our YouTube channel.

Cast & Crew

The new squad is sure to entertain while convincing everyone to join the movement to end littering.

Red Plastic Cup
Host/Star of the Movie

“Grumpy” Food Container

Show Editor

Music Director

Location Scout

Show Critic

Water Quality Expert

Sanitation Specialist


We’re Talking Trash About Trash

Talking Trash is a beacon of inspiration and action in a world full of garbage. Red Plastic Cup, Grumpy Food Container, and our supporting cast of trash showcase real-world scenarios, simple, actionable steps, and facts that will help you understand why it is so important for us to work towards a cleaner and greener Tennessee.

Did you know that food wrappers are the number one most littered item on our roadways? What about the fact that 88 million pieces of trash still exist on Tennessee roadways?

These startling facts are just a tiny fraction of the litter problem, which affects our ecosystems, wildlife, and urban landscapes. While the litter problem is big, each small step can make a difference. From recycling to litter cleanups, there are many ways to get involved in your local community, and we are here to show you all of them.

Check out the Talking Trash videos above to learn how you can help make a difference through simple actionable steps. Of course, the added benefit is seeing Red Plastic Cup and the rest of the Talking Trash cast and litter crew.

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