Discarded roadside litter rally together to entertain and educate Tennesseans to end littering and live up to the statewide mantra “Nobody Trashes Tennessee”.

Talking Trash: Season 1

Season 1

Michael McClanahan Interview

Mayor Ken Moore Interview

Jayson Swain Interview

Missy Marshall Interview

Penny Collins Interview

Bernie Kuhajda Interview

Penny Hardaway Interview

The Shindellas Interview

Trashsquatch & Smokey Bear Interview

Shawn Bible Interview

Eddie George Interview

Big Joe Interview

Brittany Morris Interview

Kevin Griffin Interview

Coach Silverfield Interview

Commissioner Bright Interview

Behind the Scenes

Van Ride

My Latte


Van Ride

My Latte

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Get to Know Red Plastic Cup

Time to Overwhelm the Internet

Nobody Trashes Tennessee on My Watch

The Big Announcement

A Red Plastic Cup Creating a Movement

Cast & Crew

Red Plastic Cup

Cup’s Ex

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