Video Gallery

Enjoy the following litter-prevention campaign videos from Nobody Trashes Tennessee. Enjoy litter lessons that will educate the public on litter in Tennessee, meet Red Plastic Cup and crew, and learn about other ways we are making the environment cleaner. Watch and get inspired to Join the Movement.

Litter Lessons

How to Dispose of Old Tires

How Long it Take Litter to Decompose?

How Litter Impacts Our Waterways

Top 5 Types of Intentional Litter

How Litter Impacts Our State

Surprising Facts About Littering

How Littering Impacts You

Talking Trash

Zoom Kickoff Call

Behind the Scenes:
The Whole Squad

Talking Trash: Movie Trailer #1

Zoom Kickoff Call

Behind the Scenes:
The Whole Squad

State Trooper Interview

Michael McClanahan Interview

Mayor Ken Moore Interview

Jayson Swain Interview

Missy Marshall Interview

Penny Collins Interview

Bernie Kuhajda Interview

Penny Hardaway Interview

Behind the Scenes: Workshop

The Shindellas Interview

Trashsquatch & Smokey Bear Interview

Behind the Scenes: My Latte

Shawn Bible Interview

Eddie George Interview

Big Joe Interview

Brittany Morris Interview

Kevin Griffin Interview

Behind the Scenes: Van Ride

Coach Silverfield Interview

Commissioner Bright Interview

A Red Plastic Cup Creating a Movement

The Big Announcement

Nobody Trashes Tennessee on My Watch

Time to Overwhelm the Internet

Nobody Trashes Tennessee

A Littering Crime :15

A Littering Crime :30

Join the Movement

On a Mission to End Litter

Booster & Trashsquatch Join the Movement