Tennessee’s beauty is showcased in its Scenic Byways, and the state has numerous beautiful roads and highways that have been preserved and enhanced so that citizens and visitors can enjoy what they have to offer. What is a Scenic Byway? A Scenic Byway is a road or route that has importance, not only to the […] Read More

Nobody Trashes Tennessee is proud to sponsor Washed Ashore, a new exhibit at the Tennessee Aquarium which looks at the problem of plastic litter in our waterways through a series of dramatic and beautiful sculptures as part of the Aquarium’s 30th Anniversary. The larger-than-life sculptures featuring aquatic animals are made from recovered plastic debris and […] Read More

It’s time for spring cleaning around your house, in your yard and all over the state! We love a good spring clean-up! We also know that it can unintentionally add to litter on our roads and waterways.  Here are four things to help prevent litter caused by spring cleaning: Cities and counties throughout the state […] Read More

Spring is on its way which means it’s time for the Great American Cleanup, an annual beautification program from Keep America Beautiful. From March 21 to June 22, thousands of individual volunteers and groups all over the country will participate in activities to clean up roadways, waterways and public spaces.  The Great American Cleanup unifies […] Read More

It’s easy to organize a litter cleanup in your community. There are so many ways that Tennessee citizens can help make a difference in reducing the amount of litter on our roadways and organizing litter cleanups in the community really helps. See which of these three ideas will work for you and your community.  Adopt-A-Highway […] Read More

You may not realize it, but your holiday celebration this year might be creating more litter than you think. The good news is there are many ways you can reduce litter this holiday season.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the amount of trash produced in the United […] Read More

He never expected to be a piece of talking trash, much less be on a show with Red Plastic Cup.  Grumpy Food Container is the smartest guy on the set of “Talking Trash: The Show” but don’t share that with his co-host because Grumpy tries not to take things too seriously. He’s confident he has […] Read More

Everyone in America Should Live in a Beautiful Community. That’s the theme of the Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study released earlier this year.  The study found that there are an estimated 50 billion pieces of litter on America’s roads. That’s 152 pieces for every American. And while litter is down 54 percent since […] Read More

We are ready for No Trash November, a month-long statewide activation to clean up Tennessee and everyone is invited! We are rallying all the volunteer groups who regularly help pick up litter on Tennessee roadways and asking them to host a cleanup event during the month of November – cleaning up Tennessee right before our […] Read More

Here’s what we know and what you can do about it. It might seem obvious that litter on the roadways ends up in our waterways, but when you break down the process of how litter travels around our state, it’s pretty shocking. There are an estimated 100 million pieces of litter on the state’s roadways […] Read More