Thank you for caring enough to help us keep our roadways free of litter! With your help, we can go a long way in keeping Tennessee clean and beautiful.

The litter hotline is available for concerned citizens like yourself to take action by letting us know when you witness littering from vehicles on the state’s roadways.

How to Report a Litterer

Call the Litter Hotline:


Fill out the online Litter Hotline form:

Helpful Tips

  • To report a litterer, you must have the TN license plate number of the vehicle that was in violation.
  • The litterer does not receive a fine when you report them. Instead, they receive a friendly reminder letter that includes information about how to contain their litter and informs them that litterers can be fined up to $2,500 if they are caught by the State Patrol.

Some of Most Commonly Thrown Trash

Some of the litter culprits we often see are:

  • Cigarette Butts
  • Drink Bottles and Styrofoam Cups
  • Fast Food Packaging
  • Food Waste (apple cores, banana peels, etc.)
  • Diapers
  • Plastic Bags

The above items, and many more types of litter, can lead to water pollution and air pollution. By reporting litterers at 1-877-8-LITTER (1-877-854-8837) or by filling out the online Litter Hotline Form, we can do our part to help protect the environment and keep our state looking beautiful.

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