Meet Grumpy Food Container

He never expected to be a piece of talking trash, much less be on a show with Red Plastic Cup.  Grumpy Food Container is the smartest guy on the set of “Talking Trash: The Show” but don’t share that with his co-host because Grumpy tries not to take things too seriously.

He’s confident he has all the knowledge needed to end littering in Tennessee and he’s smarter than the average piece of trash.  He knows everyone and everything, which really annoys Red Plastic Cup when they are co-hosting their show.

You might call him an OG because he spent a great deal of time on campus, but he’s tight-lidded about those years. 

Here’s a little more about Grumpy Food Container

Hometown: Somewhere alongside Interstate 40.   

Age: He’s ageless (think Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies).

Hobbies: Interpreting conversations for large animals. He’s a language expert.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere that’s six feet away from Red Plastic Cup when he’s talking.

Favorite Food: A burger. Plain. Those condiments are a housekeeping nightmare. 

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