The Tennessee  Sponsor-A-Highway program is an additional way for businesses and organizations to contribute to maintaining clean roadways throughout the state. Unlike the Adopt-A-Highway program, where volunteers undertake the work themselves, participants of Sponsor-A-Highway are funding the use of professionals to conduct regular litter removal along their selected stretch of roadway. The Sponsor-A-Highway program is an excellent way for companies to get recognized for positively impacting Tennessee’s environment.

How it works:

Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation (AHMC) works with sponsors to take care of every step of the process, including roadway selection, artwork approval, sign installation and performing regular litter removal services. Through sponsorships, Tennessee roadways, including highly trafficked interstates, are cleaned regularly at no cost to the state.

Sponsor-A-Highway Sponsorship Perks:

Participating in the Tennessee Sponsor-A-Highway program comes with many great perks, including:

• Professional litter removal service for your sponsored area each month.

• Your business name and logo are featured on a Nobody Trashes Tennessee sign in your sponsored area.

• Sponsorship opportunities of the state’s busiest roadways, including interstates.

• Positive recognition from daily commuters and potential customers


Take the next steps towards highway sponsorship by visiting AHMC’s website at:

Sponsor A Highway Sign

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