There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to winter in Tennessee: the frosty air and snow throughout many areas of the state, but what isn’t exciting is the accumulation of litter. Litter reduction during these colder months is a big problem; especially when the holiday season is in full force. Waste […] Read More

No Trash November is back, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and make a positive impact on our beautiful state of Tennessee. Just like last year, we are launching a month-long statewide activation to clean up Tennessee. Our volunteer groups who regularly pick up litter on Tennessee roadways will rally together and host […] Read More

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about how to celebrate this spooktacular holiday while minimizing our impact on the environment. Check out these five litter tips so you can have an eco-friendly Halloween in Tennessee! 1. Dispose of Candy Wrappers Properly Instead of letting candy wrappers scatter on the […] Read More

From the majestic Great Smoky Mountains to the lively streets of Nashville, Tennessee’s beauty knows no bounds. However, maintaining this natural splendor requires continuous effort, especially when it comes to keeping litter off the roads. The Adopt-A-Highway program plays a crucial role in preserving Tennessee’s scenic beauty. The Adopt-A-Highway program is a grassroots initiative that […] Read More

With its breathtaking mountain, lake and river views, Tennessee is a source of pride for the residents who call the state home. However, although the Tennessee environment has so much natural beauty, it is also littered with trash in some areas. Litter threatens Tennessee’s otherwise pristine landscape and imposes financial and environmental tolls on the […] Read More

With its crisp air, pumpkin patches, hiking trails, and outdoor festivals, fall offers an array of activities that allow locals and tourists alike to immerse themselves in the beauty of Tennessee. However, improperly disposed of litter threatens to mar the experience, as well as harm the environment. The careless disposal of waste detracts from the […] Read More

The start of a new school year is exciting for parents, students, and teachers. However, all that excitement and the influx of new students can come with a big problem – waste. From pre-k to college, litter can majorly impact our schools. According to Keep America Beautiful, educational institutions spend an estimated $241 million on […] Read More

In Tennessee, the beauty of its waterways, from the majestic rivers to the serene lakes, is a source of pride for its residents. However, the increasing problem of litter in these bodies of water poses a significant threat to their health and well-being. As we celebrate National Water Quality Month in August, it is essential […] Read More

Summertime can cause overheating in more ways than one, including fires caused by litter. While there are many reasons to celebrate this summer, being cautious about the environmental dangers that litter can cause is essential. According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, disposing of debris improperly is one of the main causes of wildland fires. […] Read More

As summer approaches, the excitement of attending festivals and events is in the air. Although event organizers are striving to minimize litter and embrace sustainability, it’s inevitable that trash tends to accumulate when large crowds gather. In the spirit of creating a cleaner Tennessee, TDOT encourages you to be a part of the solution and […] Read More

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