Who Is Red Plastic Cup?

Wondering about the new campaign spokesperson for Nobody Trashes Tennessee? Here’s a little background on Red Plastic Cup and why he’s here.

He was thrown from a car as if he was a piece of trash, and now he IS a piece of trash.  He’s a piece of talking trash. He does have a mission – to end littering and win an Emmy for his new show.

Since he can talk, he believes he’s special (obviously). The Talking Trash show scheduled to debut this fall will break the Internet, according to Red Plastic Cup. Meanwhile, he’s rehearsing. 

Here’s a little more about the massively popular “Red Plastic Cup”

Hometown: A little place (ditch) along Natchez Trace Parkway.  

Age: He’s 32 (in “cup years“).

Hobbies: Talking, sharing, social justicing.

Favorite Vacation Spot: A cork-lined island-themed coaster is his ideal spot.

Favorite Beverage: Anything non-carbonated. He hates those bubbles!

Recent Press: TDOT Launches Next Phase of Nobody Trashes Tennessee

We may not be able to confirm the existence of UFOs or cure the common cold, but we are certain that Talking Trash is the new sensation that will end littering in our state. 

To find out more about Red Plastic Cup, follow Nobody Trashes Tennessee on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And check out the hashtag #nobodytrashestennessee too.

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