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Let’s Take Out The Trash

In this Talking Trash series, we will teach you about the litter problem and its prevention – by talking to a bunch of litter. Not only is Talking Trash an epic litter prevention masterpiece, but it will help you understand why we are so concerned with our environment.

You will meet the stars of the show, Red Plastic Cup, Grumpy Food Container, and a whole litter cast and crew as they learn about the litter problem, one startling trash statistic at a time.

Enjoy on-set antics, a variety of laughs, and valuable information that can be used to help keep our environment clean and free from the trash. You can also check out “litter lessons,” which cover interesting facts and statistics about the litter problem. Or, you can hop over to the Talking Trash show or learn about our star, Red Plastic Cup.

No matter what video you choose to watch, you will learn actionable steps that you can take to address the litter problem.

Remember, each one of us can be part of the solution. Get involved today, and let’s tackle the litter problem, one piece of trash at a time.

The Show

Watch the best Talking Trash interviews and behind-the-scenes clips.

Cast & Crew

The new squad is sure to entertain while convincing everyone to join the movement to end littering.

Red Plastic Cup
Host/Star of the Movie

“Grumpy” Food Container

Show Editor

Music Director

Location Scout

Show Critic

Water Quality Expert

Sanitation Specialist