Don’t Let Spring Cleaning Turn Into Litter

It’s time for spring cleaning around your house, in your yard and all over the state! We love a good spring cleanup! We also know that it can unintentionally add to litter on our roads and waterways. 

Here are four things to help prevent litter caused by spring cleaning:

Colored truck tarp with fastening
  1. Cities and counties throughout the state have cleanup days, bulky item pickups or free disposal days. Find drop off centers with our recycling map.
  2. Uncovered items in an open truck bed can fly out and cause hazards to other drivers and leave debris on the road. Tarping open loads can save on Tennessee’s roadside litter. Tarps on open loads are required by Tennessee law. 
  3. Getting rid of a mattress or other large household items? Make sure to tie down and secure the load before leaving home. Unsecured loads are a safety hazard.
  4. Want to do more in your community? Check out the calendar of cleanups here and help us in our movement to end littering in Tennessee.  

Did You Know?

Vehicle debris, tires and tire treads are among the top 20 types of litter identified in the 2020 National Litter Study? Other items identified include construction debris, metal, rugs and numerous types of paper among litter identified on America’s roads.

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