Here’s How to Join an Earth Day Cleanup in Tennessee this April

Each year, on April 22nd, we show up for our planet through Earth Day. Founded in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day began as a way to educate Americans about pollution in the environment. This grassroots effort started with environmental demonstrations and “teach-ins” and has grown to a global event.

Litter cleanups are a big deal in Tennessee because they directly impact the environment and local communities. For Earth Day, our fellow Tennesseans never fail to impress with their dedication to keeping our community litter free.

Here is how you can participate in a litter cleanup in Tennessee this Earth Day:

There Are Many Litter Cleanups Across Tennessee

Since 2016, we have decreased litter by 12% across Tennessee roadways. However, did you know that there are still more than 88 million pieces of litter covering our roadways? That is a lot of trash!

Together we can make a difference. Finding an Earth Day litter cleanup near you is easy. Go to the Events Calendar on our website and filter by city or county. Here you will find information on litter event dates, times and other need-to-know information.

There are litter cleanups across the state. But if you are not able to find one in your area, you can Adopt-A-Highway, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation will supply your group with all the necessary supplies for free.

How to Participate in Earth Day Cleanups in Tennessee

There are many ways to help end littering in Tennessee, and a lot you can do to make this Earth Day extra impactful.

Some of our favorites include the following:

  • Spreading Awareness: Tell your friends, families and neighbors about Earth Day! Share our website or cleanup events, and help your loved ones get involved.
  • Volunteering: Not only can you volunteer at a cleanup, but there are other ways you can Join the Movement and help keep Tennessee beautiful.

If you are going to participate in a litter cleanup, then it is important to remember the safety guidelines for participating in cleanups:

  • Wear bright-colored clothing or a safety vest, so that you are visible to traffic.
  • Make sure you also wear gloves (work gloves, latex, etc.) to ensure that your hands are protected as you pick up trash.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the outdoors.
  • Be aware of traffic in the area and keep track of your surroundings.
  • Avoid picking up sharp objects, needles or syringes, hazardous waste or anything else that may become a health hazard.

No matter how you spend your Earth Day, make sure you look at your local rules and guidelines; especially if you are going to organize your own litter cleanup.

Make a Positive Impact On Your Community This Earth Day

As we celebrate Earth Day, it is essential to remember that every small action can significantly impact the environment. So come out and join your community in a local litter cleanup and help make a difference!

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