5 Ways to Get Involved With No Trash November

We are ready for No Trash November, a month-long statewide activation to clean up Tennessee and everyone is invited! We are rallying all the volunteer groups who regularly help pick up litter on Tennessee roadways and asking them to host a cleanup event during the month of November – cleaning up Tennessee right before our friends and families come to visit for the holidays. We’re even going to track and share how much trash the groups throughout the state collect with a new Trash Tracker.

You can participate too. Here are five ways to join in the litter pick-up fun this month.   

1. If you see litter, pick it up.

Everyone can take personal responsibility for the litter on their street, at their work or in their local area.  By making sure that trash makes it into a receptacle, you’re making a huge difference right where you live, work and play. You can also make a habit of carrying a small bag specifically for collecting litter during your daily walks or commutes. Snap a pic while you’re picking up litter and tag it with #NobodyTrashesTennessee and #NoTrashNovember.

2. Connect with a cleanup event near you.

Take your litter prevention commitment to the next level and sign up to join a cleanup event.  Not sure where you might find one? Here’s a handy list of groups around the state that are mobilizing for No Trash November.  You could also reach out to local community centers or environmental organizations to see if they have events planned. Check back because new groups are being added frequently.

3. Tell all your friends on social media about No Trash November

Tell everyone that you support No Trash November by sharing on all your social media channels using the hashtags #NobodyTrashesTennessee and #NoTrashNovember. Encourage your friends and followers to post their litter-picking activities and participate in challenges to keep their neighborhoods clean.

4. Master our litter quiz!

Think you know all about the impact of litter in Tennessee? Take our litter quiz to see just how savvy you are about litter. This is a great opportunity to learn and spread awareness about the different types of litter and their impact on our environment. Share your results on Facebook and Twitter with our hashtags #NobodyTrashesTennessee and #NoTrashNovember.

5. Join the Movement

Keep your litter prevention hat on all year long by joining the movement and we’ll keep you informed of events and news about Tennessee litter prevention.

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