You Can Participate in No Trash November in 5 Easy Steps

Here’s how you can participate in No Trash November this year.

1. Don’t Litter!

First of all, don’t litter. But since you’re here on the website, we’re pretty sure you already know that. You’re probably ready to do more, so keep reading!

2. If you see litter, pick it up.

Everyone can take personal responsibility for the litter on their street, at their work or in their local area. By making sure that trash makes it into a receptacle, you’re making a huge difference right where you live, work and play. Snap a pic while you’re picking up litter and tag it with #NobodyTrashesTennessee and #NoTrashNovember.

3. Participate in a cleanup event near you.

Take your litter prevention commitment to the next level and sign up to join a cleanup event. Not sure where you might find one? Here’s a great online calendar of all the cleanup events around the state. Check back because new cleanup events are being added frequently.

4. Test Your Litter Knowledge

Think you know all about the impact of litter in Tennessee? Take our litter quiz to see just how savvy you are about trash. Share your results on Facebook and Twitter with our hashtags #NobodyTrashesTennessee and #NoTrashNovember.

5. Join the Movement!

Sign up to Join the Movement and tell all your friends on social media about No Trash November. Make sure you follow us on social media and watch for the weekly No Trash November Trash Tracker updates all month long. Be a part of a movement and show everyone why we are called The Volunteer State!

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