Learn about recent developments in Nobody Trashes Tennessee’s mission to end littering through our newsroom. While Tennessee has beautiful scenery, roadside litter remains a challenge. Stay informed about our litter-prevention campaigns and the steps Nobody Trashes Tennessee is taking to protect Tennessee’s natural beauty through the following articles.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – May 21, 2024 – In advance of summer travel and to help preserve Tennessee’s natural beauty, and protect both wildlife and visitors along the state’s scenic byways, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) are reminding residents and visitors to be vigilant and safe during the summer travel […] Read More
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – April 2, 2024 – Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Nobody Trashes Tennessee (NTT) litter prevention campaign has once again expanded its youth group partnerships. All six Boy Scouts of America councils serving Tennessee have joined with Nobody Trashes Tennessee to offer scouts the opportunity to earn a Nobody Trashes Tennessee patch. Boy Scouts of […] Read More
Spring is here, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to positively impact our communities. The Great American Cleanup, held from March 1 to June 22, presents an ideal chance for us to roll up our sleeves, unite with friends and family, and take meaningful action against littering in Tennessee. It takes place annually, with […] Read More
With the frosty veil of winter lifting and spring beginning to blossom, it’s also the perfect time for new habits to bloom. Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be limited to inside your home—let’s make roadside cleanup part of our spring cleaning ritual. As we refresh our homes and gardens, we have the power to extend this […] Read More
As Keep Tennessee Beautiful (KTnB) prepares for Keep Tennessee Beautiful month in March (part of the Great American Cleanup), we want to recognize the incredible individuals and groups making a difference in litter prevention. Volunteers across the state have been at the forefront, demonstrating their unwavering dedication and passion for keeping the state free of […] Read More