WVLT: TDOT moves forward with ‘Nobody Trashes Tennessee’ program

Article by Kelly Ann Krueger for WVLT

The Tennessee Department of Transportation launched the second phase of their Nobody Trashes Tennessee campaign.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – The Tennessee Department of Transportation launched their newest phase of Nobody Trashes Tennessee, the state’s official litter prevention campaign Tuesday.

“The Nobody Trashes Tennessee campaign educates Tennesseans on the scope of the problem and provides resources and opportunities for residents to take both personal and community actions to help prevent and reduce litter,” said TDOT Commissioner Clay Bright.

The next phase of the initiative includes expanded education and additional resources. One feature is using characters to bring a personal perspective to Tennessee’s litter problem.

Red Plastic Cup, or RPC for short, is a character who was carelessly tossed out of a moving car along the Natchez Trace Parkway and is working to create a movement to end litter.

“After I was thrown out of a moving vehicle – which really hurt – I did my homework. It turns out litter is a huge problem for our state. There’s a lot of trash out there, and not all of it is as civic-minded as I am,” said RPC.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation reports that along with community partners, they have removed 21 million pounds of litter from roadways and cleaned over 4,000 illegal roadside dumps.

The TDOT spends $19 million a year on litter pickup and prevention education paid for by a tax on soft drink and malt beverages.

Tennesseans are encouraged to follow along as RPC travels across the state, interviewing residents to discuss the scope of the problem and solutions for preventing and reducing litter for his new “Talking Trash” show.

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